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TV repair site launched

We're proud to announce our new TV repair site, Fix a TV. If you're dealing with any type of projection, plasma or LCD TV repair problems we will offer help.

From broken LCD TV screens to picture quality issues, we will help steer you in the right direction. Often all you will need is a little time, patience and some simple guidance to set things right again.

Humanitarian International Toilet Design Contest

The top concepts in the Humanitarian International Design Organization toilet design contest have been released. The challenge of the contest was to design "sanitary facilities for people in need." The submissions can be viewed on the Humanitarian International site.

Pimp your potty with a bidet

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at bidets that can be fit onto existing toilets.

With the introduction of high-tech bidet seats that can be retrofitted to existing toilets, products such as Toto's Washlet and Brondell's Swash are gradually becoming standard equipment in high-end homes.

A toilet bowl fit for a dog

This funny dog toilet bowl should put a smile on any mutt's face. Just make sure your pet can distinguish between this and the real thing. Available from LTD Commodities.

Lack of toilets is deadly

The World Toilet Association says the lack of proper toilet facilities kills almost two million people a year.

Most of these 1.8 million deaths occur in Asia. Inadequate sanitation hits children especially high, with 90 percent of the deaths occurring in children under five.

The United Nations has designated 2008 the Year of the Toilet in an effort to improve sanitation in developing nations.

Great John Toilet a fit for larger bodies

The Great John Toilet Company builds an over-sized toilet to provide a more comfortable experience for larger people. The height of this toilet is between 16.5 and 18 inches. The seats are also extra-elongated and extra-wide. The toilet can be installed in new construction and as a replacement for an existing toilet.

Jet-powered potty

Former pit mechanic Paul Stender rolled up his sleeves and turned out a jet-powered port-a-potty. It can't actually be used as a toilet, but it will get you down the highway pretty quickly.

NASA buying $46 million toilet

NASA has signed a $46 million contract with Russia's S. P. Korolev Rocket and Space Public Corporation, for a new toilet on the International Space Station.

Vote for the best restroom of 2007

Cintas is presenting the America's Best Restroom Award VI. The five finalists are Catch 31, Virginia Beach, VA; Fandangles', Flushing, MI; Jungle Jim's International Market, Fairfield, OH; Mix Lounge at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV and Vermont Marble Exhibit, Proctor, VT.

Voting ends July 31 and the winner will be announced in August. Our favorite is the entrance to the Jungle Jim's restroom which is made to look like a porta-potty.

A throne for Susan Sarandon's Oscar

From the celebrity toilet file we find that, according to the Internet Movie Database, Susan Sarandon has her Oscar for Dead Man Walking displayed in a bathroom.

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