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Tissue for a toddler's tush

The new Cottonelle Kids line of toilet tissues is targeted at parents of 4-to-9 year olds. In addition to child-friendly graphics, the new tissue aims to solve a parenting concern that children use too much tissue. Printed on each roll are graphics that instruct kids where to tear. The line also includes flushable moist wipes that limit children to one wipe at a time.

Is your toilet ringing?

If you drop your cell phone in the toilet and think you can get away with getting it replaced under warranty, think again. The phone companies are on to you. They're using a special label with a dot that turns red if it comes in contact with water. One glance and they know it wasn't a random malfunction.

Digital bathroom

Learn more about the digital bathroom of the future at

Toilet tech

The March issue of Wired Magazine (not yet available online) takes a look at the latest toilet tech. American Standard is employing aerospace engineers to get their low-flush models working smoothly and Toto's new Neorest 600, which features a wireless remote, is a hit among celebrities.

Music for your rears

Toto Japan has released a new toilet with a built in MP3 player to broadcast the songs of your choice.

Toilet lid sink

This handy toilet lid is a novel way of conserving water. Waste water from the washing of hands drains into the toilet tank and is used on the next flush.

Suction-less plunger

A plunger replacement hit the market in June. The New Plunge, by S&K Manufacturing, is a piece of straight, flexible plastic that fits into the toilet drain. According to a press release, the New Plunge is easier to clean and store than a traditional plunger.

S&K recommends the following techniques for the New Plunge:

1. Prior to flushing: New Plunge allows you to prevent your toilet from clogging by using the "slice-and-dice" method on waste so that the toilet will not clog.

Self-lifting toilet seat

ASC Elite Seat automatically returns to the up position and "gets out of harms way" to help keep the toilet seat dry.

Save money with toilet repairs

The Seattle Times recommends fixing a gravity toilet during a bathroom makeover rather than replacing it. Taking care of toilet repairs on your own can help cut costs during a remodeling job, since new toilets can run from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars.

Dinner bowl

The Toilet Bowl, a unique restaurant in Taiwan goes to extremes with its theme. Not only are the seats real toilets, but dinner is served in the bowl. The picture at left speaks for itself.

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