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Is your toilet ringing?

If you drop your cell phone in the toilet and think you can get away with getting it replaced under warranty, think again. The phone companies are on to you. They're using a special label. with a dot that turns red if it comes in contact with water. One glance and they know it wasn't a random malfunction.

Unusual drain discoveries

Roto-Rooter released their five most unusual drainpipe discoveries in 2005. Just hope you don't have these items waiting for you down the drain.

1. A Vicksburg, MS, crew found a live Civil War cannon shell believed to be from the 1861 siege of Vicksburg.
2. In Greensboro, NC, a crew had to rescue a cat from the sewer.
3. In Bloomington, IL, a plumber removed several GI Joes and Matchbox cars that a young boy sent down the toilet.

Suction-less plunger

A plunger replacement hit the market in June. The New Plunge, by S&K Manufacturing, is a piece of straight, flexible plastic that fits into the toilet drain. According to a press release, the New Plunge is easier to clean and store than a traditional plunger.

S&K recommends the following techniques for the New Plunge:

Self-lifting toilet seat

ASC Elite Seat automatically returns to the up position and "gets out of harms way" to help keep the toilet seat dry.

Clear potty training

The Babywunder Deluxe is a completely clear potty for training toddlers. It's not clear what the advantages are for potty training, but your young one will get immediate feedback on his accomplishment and everyone can fully share in the experience.

Bathroom design

The San Francisco Chronicle had five articles Wednesday on bathroom design:

* Big style in small baths
* Bathing beauties
* Is a big bathtub always necessary?
* Picking a shower can be a dirty task

A cosmetic toilet repair

Stained or chipped toilet seats can be replaced with new seats for around $20. This simple job, which will only take you a few minutes of work, will quickly brighten up a bathroom. Follow our easy instructions for making this simple toilet repair.

Flushing with authority

American Standard is after the Holy Grail of home plumbing: The plunger-less toilet. And they believe they've found it with the Champion, which can flush 24 golf balls at a time. The New York Times profiles the business and its efforts to improve the flushing capacity of its products.

Big John Toilet Seat

The Big John Toilet Seat offers super-size comfort for those who could use the extra room. The seat sits taller than a standard seat, has stainless steel hinges and fits round or elongated toilets.

The ultimate cleaning guide

The cleaning staff of Boston's Four Seasons Hotel share tips for a thorough cleaning.

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