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Out of the water closet

Bathroom design guru Barbara Sallick gives an interview to the L.A. Times on the current state of water closet style.

Toilets with power

If you're looking for a toilet that packs some power in every flush you need take a look at the Maximum Performance (PDF) test results. According to the study, "for sanitary reasons as well as for customer satisfaction, toilets should flush a minimum of approximately 250 grams of solids."

And how was this tested? With fermented bean curd paste having a moisture content of 51.5%, a pH of 4.78 and extruded through a 7/8? diameter die, of course.

Neo-Metro Cerine

The Neo-Metro Cerine toilets have stainless steel construction and can be covered in mahogany, cherry, bamboo, leather or a custom material. Prices start at $2,498.

Kohler Hatbox

Kohler released the Hatbox toilet at New York's Fashion Week. The tankless design incorporates a .2-horsepower electric pump enclosed within the toilet bowl. Heels are not required for use, but certainly add style.

Bathroom Etiquette

The International Center for Bathroom Etiquette attempts to educate the public on proper lavatory behavior and answers such pressing questions as, "when is it proper to use the kiddie urinal?"

High-tech Swash

Brondell this month unveils their new line of high-tech Swash toilet seats. Similar seats have gained popularity in Japan. The Swash seats fit onto existing toilets and feature heated seats, warm-water wash and a warm-air dryer. The model pictured above includes a remote control. Don't let the kids run off with that.


Brondell believes United States consumers will have an appetite for high-tech toilets. The San Francisco Chronicle interviews the co-founders of Brondell, a San Francisco firm that this past week began selling its Swash toilets, which I noted in an earlier post. The co-founders bring technology credentials to the business. David Samuel started Spinner.com and Scott Pinizzotto is a former Sony Corp. engineer.

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