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Jet-powered potty



Jet-powered potty

Former pit mechanic Paul Stender rolled up his sleeves and turned out a jet-powered port-a-potty. It can't actually be used as a toilet, but it will get you down the highway pretty quickly.

NASA buying $46 million toilet

NASA has signed a $46 million contract with Russia's S. P. Korolev Rocket and Space Public Corporation, for a new toilet on the International Space Station.

Vote for the best restroom of 2007

Cintas is presenting the America's Best Restroom Award VI. The five finalists are Catch 31, Virginia Beach, VA; Fandangles', Flushing, MI; Jungle Jim's International Market, Fairfield, OH; Mix Lounge at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV and Vermont Marble Exhibit, Proctor, VT.

Voting ends July 31 and the winner will be announced in August. Our favorite is the entrance to the Jungle Jim's restroom which is made to look like a porta-potty.

A throne for Susan Sarandon's Oscar

From the celebrity toilet file we find that, according to the Internet Movie Database, Susan Sarandon has her Oscar for Dead Man Walking displayed in a bathroom.

Clean stains from bottom of bowl

Often dark spots or stains form in the bottom of a ceramic toilet bowl, particularly where the bowl curves. This is caused by material getting trapped in imperfections in the bowl's finish. A standard brush my have trouble reaching into these pits to remove the deposits. To get at them, turn of water to your tank and flush the toilet until it is empty. You can then reach in with a rag or sponge and clean out the deposits.

Pee goal

This gem consists of a green base and a goal with a soccer ball on a string. The Pee Goal fits inside a urinal and the player takes aim. It also keeps cigarette butts out of the urinal drain.

Nature's Call

Nature's Call urinals are each individually crafted to resemble a flower. The unique urinals are made from high-fire porcelain and can take up to a year to dry. The urinals are priced from $3500 to $9500.

Luxury bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms not consist of chandeliers and flat-screen TVs. MSN reports on a trend in upscale decorating that will cost Americans about $22 billion this year.

From a $20 million dollar home for sale in Fort Lauderdale, where there was a Rembrandt hanging in the loo, realtor Tim Elmes says a bathroom can make or break a deal.

"At the minimum, it's his and hers toilets. Even if there's one bathroom, there must be two separate toilets", said Elms.

Game theory and toilet seats

Seat up or down? This problem tests the limits of many a marriage. Well, now a paper addresses the issue and determines what scenario for toilet seat operation most benefits marital harmony.

Build your own foot flush

With two paper towel rolls, a wire hanger and a few other simple supplies you can build your own foot flusher for your toilet. This could be a temporary solution for someone with a disability.

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