Big John provides comfort with a large toilet seat

The Big John Toilet Seat offers super-size comfort for those who could use the extra room that comes from a large toilet seat. Any plus-size consumers who find standard toilet seats too low and too unsupportive for their needs should consider upgrading to an oversized toilet seat.

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Toto offering a high-tech toilet test drive

If you are in San Francisco and want to test drive a high-tech toilet, head down to Toto’s Concept 190 near AT&T Park.  Toto has opened a showroom featuring their Washlet, which includes a bidet with a heated seat, a lid that opens automatically, a bidet with “customizable spray patterns and pressures,” a dryer and a deodorizer. And when you are finished,  it even self cleans the toilet bowl.

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Toilet manufacturers 2017 for North America

We’ve updated our list of toilet manufacturers supplying the United States and North America for 2017. Most of these toilet manufacturers will be available at major home supply stores or through local plumbing suppliers.  You may also be able to buy directly from the manufacturer or from online sources.

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Best toilet plunger of 2017 reviews

If you’re looking for the best toilet plunger, we’ve got you covered with our toilet plunger reviews. We’ve done our research and looked at the best selling and highest rates toilet plungers to uncover the truth. We have toilet plunger reviews and top picks for low-flow toilets, traditional toilets and discrete looks.

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Save money with toilet repairs

The Seattle Times recommends fixing a gravity toilet during a bathroom makeover rather than replacing it. Taking care of toilet repairs on your own can help cut costs during a remodeling job, since new toilets can run from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars.

For those times when only a new loo will do, however, consider the bathroom’s location. If it’s near a kitchen or other living area — or if your home is small — you’ll probably prefer a quieter toilet, such as a traditional gravity model or a vacuum-assisted toilet. Noisier is a third type: the pressure-assisted model.

TV repair site launched

We’re proud to announce our new TV repair site, Fix a TV. If you’re dealing with any type of projection, plasma or LCD TV repair problems we will offer help.

From broken LCD TV screens to picture quality issues, we will help steer you in the right direction. Often all you will need is a little time, patience and some simple guidance to set things right again.

Quick tips for unclogging your toilet

Nobody enjoys fighting with a problem toilet, especially when its a clogged one. There are a number of ways to effectively clear your toilets drain and I have mentioned one of those below:

Good Old Soapy Water – You may not believe it at first, but one of the best drain cleaners that you can own, is right over by your kitchen sink. Dish detergent.

A good amount of liquid soap, mixed with a small bucket of water can work extremely well with even the toughest clogged toilet. Simply pour the mixture into the toilet bowl and allow to sit for about fifteen minutes. After your short wait, simply plunge and flush.

Your clog should be gone for good! Or, at least until the next one.