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TV repair site launched

We're proud to announce our new TV repair site, Fix a TV. If you're dealing with any type of projection, plasma or LCD TV repair problems we will offer help.

From broken LCD TV screens to picture quality issues, we will help steer you in the right direction. Often all you will need is a little time, patience and some simple guidance to set things right again.

Quick Fixes and Toilet Repair

Most of us already own a toilet and you may well know that if you own a toilet you're bound to have some problems from time to time. Just like everything else in life, toilets wear out and need repair or in some cases replacement.

If your toilet is more than 10 to 12 years old I would highly recommend replacing it all together. The average life span for any toilet is about ten years, so after that just throw it out and get another, they are relatively cheap depending on the brand and style you decide to purchase.

If your toilet is less than ten years old or in relatively good shape it may be repairable. Most people shutter at the thought of toilet repair or anything to do with plumbing for that matter. The fact is, repairing a toilet is pretty easy, most parts are easily accessible and in many cases you can determine what parts are causing the problems.

overflowing trade show booth

Overflowing trade show booth?
Fix a toilet or fix a trade show booth - you decide.
Some things you want, some things you don't.

Quick Tips for Unclogging Your Toilet

Nobody enjoys fighting with a problem toilet, especially when its a clogged one. There are a number of ways to effectively clear your toilets drain and I have mentioned one of those below:

Good Old Soapy Water - You may not believe it at first, but one of the best drain cleaners that you can own, is right over by your kitchen sink. Dish detergent.

A good amount of liquid soap, mixed with a small bucket of water can work extremely well with even the toughest clogged toilet. Simply pour the mixture into the toilet bowl and allow

Stop Toilet Seat Slip -Wiggle-Loose Toilet Seat

The Yukon Seat Grip is an Award Winning simple solution to a common problem--Toilet Seat Slip. Just three easy steps to give you a grip on frustrating loosening toilet seats. The YUKONSEATGRIP (TM) patented washer locks the bolt and nut in place. Easy to use, fast results.

Launched at International Hardware Show in Las Vegas and proud winner of the Retailers Choice Award! The Yukon Seat Grip An American Winner!

Made in the U.S.A Detroit Michigan.


Bedazzled Toilet

Bedazzled Toilet

Jemal Wright Bath Designs offers jewel-studded toilets to brighten up any interior.

Humanitarian International Toilet Design Contest

The top concepts in the Humanitarian International Design Organization toilet design contest have been released. The challenge of the contest was to design "sanitary facilities for people in need." The submissions can be viewed on the Humanitarian International site.

Pimp your potty with a bidet

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at bidets that can be fit onto existing toilets.

With the introduction of high-tech bidet seats that can be retrofitted to existing toilets, products such as Toto's Washlet and Brondell's Swash are gradually becoming standard equipment in high-end homes.

A toilet bowl fit for a dog

This funny dog toilet bowl should put a smile on any mutt's face. Just make sure your pet can distinguish between this and the real thing. Available from LTD Commodities.

Doggie Toilet Bowl

Doggie Toilet Bowl

This whimsical dog water bowl is available from LTD Commodities.

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