Brondell believes U.S. consumers are ready for high-tech toilets

Brondell believes United States consumers will have an appetite for high-tech toilets. The San Francisco Chronicle interviews the co-founders of Brondell, a San Francisco firm that this past week began selling its Swash toilets, which I noted in an earlier post. The co-founders bring technology credentials to the business. David Samuel started and Scott Pinizzotto is a former Sony Corp. engineer.

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Unusual drain discoveries

Roto-Rooter released their five most unusual drainpipe discoveries in 2005. Just hope you don’t have these items waiting for you down the drain.

1. A Vicksburg, MS, crew found a live Civil War cannon shell believed to be from the 1861 siege of Vicksburg.
2. In Greensboro, NC, a crew had to rescue a cat from the sewer.
3. In Bloomington, IL, a plumber removed several GI Joes and Matchbox cars that a young boy sent down the toilet.
4. Police in Canada had a crew retrieve a large stash of drugs that a suspect had just flushed down the drain.
5. In Sacramento, CA, a crew had to pull from a business’ toilets a large number of miniature liquor bottles after an employee who had been drinking on the job flushed them down the toilet.

Suction-less plunger

April 2017 Update: The New Plunge seems to be discontinued and is no longer mentioned on the S&K Manufacturing website.

A plunger replacement hit the market in June. The New Plunge, by S&K Manufacturing, is a piece of straight, flexible plastic that fits into the toilet drain. According to a press release [expired link removed], the New Plunge is easier to clean and store than a traditional plunger.

S&K recommends the following techniques for the New Plunge:

1. Prior to flushing: New Plunge allows you to prevent your toilet from clogging by using the “slice-and-dice” method on waste so that the toilet will not clog.
2. After flushing: Use the New Plunge as you would a plunger.