Best toilet as determined by Consumer Reports

The best toilet overall is the St. Thomas Creations Richmond ECO, according to Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports rated 41 toilets from a variety of toilet manufacturers and found that the St. Thomas did everything well.

St. Thomas Creations Richmond ECO best toilet
St. Thomas Creations Richmond ECO “Best Toilet”.

The Richmond ECO is manufactured by St. Thomas Creations, a California company that makes a variety of toilets, bidets and wash basins. St. Thomas Creations products have traditional, elegant designs and is committed to making water saving toilets.

The Richmond ECO is part of the Richmond line of bathroom accessories and features slow-close hinges and is noted for its quiet operation. The toilet usesĀ 1.28 gallons per flush. Consumer Reports says “The ECO performed well in our a drain-line carry test, which measures how far flushed water and simulated waste move in one, two, and three flushes.”

Other ‘Best Toilet’ contenders

In looking for the best toilet, Consumer Reports also noted the Kohler Highline Classic K-3493 for being the most powerful. The Kohler uses compressed air to assist with flushing, creating a powerful waste removal system. But the compressed-air system also made it the loudest toilet tested and something to keep in mind if noise is a concern for you.

If you are looking for a quiet toilet, consider the American Standard Acticlean, which was the quietest toilet tested and even has a built-in self-cleaning system that works well.

If cost is a consideration, you should consider the Aquasource Henshaw LO2EC08W, wich is $100 at Lowe’s. Consumer Reports says “it dispensed with waste easily, did its business quietly, and kept the bowl clean, for less than half the cost of most models in our ratings.”

And finally, theĀ Delta Turner C43908-WH is the best toilet if you are looking for a one-piece unit. Most toilets are made of separate tank and bowl pieces that fit together with a waterproof gasket and seal. Where the two pieces meet is a possible location for leaks and can collect grime. The Delta is a good option if you’re looking a single-piece unit.

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