Big John large toilet seat

Big John provides comfort with a large toilet seat

The Big John Toilet Seat offers super-size comfort for those who could use the extra room that comes from a large toilet seat. Any plus-size consumers who find standard toilet seats too low and too unsupportive for their needs should consider upgrading to an oversized toilet seat.

Big John 1-W large toilet seatThe Big John Oversized Toilet Seat is highly rated and available widely around the country. The large toilet seat sits taller than a standard toilet seat and has unbreakable stainless steel hinges for added support. The seat can also be easily installed on existing round or elongated toilets.

Big John Products offers an extensive line of large toilet seats that come in a variety of sizes, but the Big John 1-W continues to be their most popular version.

The oversized 1-W toilet seat features a 19-inch wide, contoured sitting surface that can support 1,200 pounds.  The seat also sits two inches higher than standard seats to make it easier to reach. Rubber bumpers under the seat help to reduce shifting on the toilet bowl.  The oversized toilet seat is injection molded of high-impact, chemically resistant ABS plastic.

While oversized toilet seats are ideal for plus-sized users, they may also be helpful for the elderly and physically challenged. These oversized toilet seats would be a good fit for many health care facilities.

The Big John Toilet Seat can be bought at plumbing supply stores around the country or online at Amazon.

How to install a large toilet seat

The large toilet seat is easy to install.  The only tools that are needed are a wrench and pliers.

First, locate where the bolts on the existing seat go through the toilet bowl. There may be have a plastic cap you will need to flip open to expose the bolt. Next, with a pair of adjustable pliers loosen the bolt at the bottom of the bowl housing.

Now, put your new large toilet seat on the top of the bowl and feed the bolts through the holes. Place the nuts on the bottom of the bolts and tighten using an adjustable wrench. Be sure not to over tighten the bolts as this could crack the bowl. You can learn more in our instructions for toilet seat replacement.



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