How to fix a toilet

Clogged toilet: Easy fixes when your bowl overflows

Clogged toilets are easy to fix. If your toilet bowl is overflowing you can repair your clogged toilet by following these easy steps. If you toilet appears to be clogged and is draining slowly you might also want to read our repair tips for toilet bowls that drain slowly.

Clogged toilet: The bowl or drain is clogged


Korky 99-4A best toilet plungerFirst, prepare the floor around the clogged toilet just in case water overflows or splashes out. If the bowl is overflowing or filled to the rim you will need to bail it out to make room for the plunger. Use rubber gloves, a bucket and a small container to empty about half of the water from the bowl.

If the bowl is empty fill it to half full with water.

Next, place a plunger flush over the drain opening in the bottom of the toilet. Quickly pump the plunger about a dozen times, then remove it with a quick motion. If the blockage is dislodged the water should rush away. If not, repeat the process as necessary. We’ve also written a detailed guide on how to use a plunger to unclog a toilet.

See our plunger review to find the best toilet plunger for your home.


Toilet auger for clogged toilet.If a plunger does not clear the clogged toilet an auger will likely do the trick. These are also referred to as plumbing snakes or toilet jacks.

A toilet auger has an auger bit at the end of a long, flexible shaft that can work its way through your toilet drain to remove any obstructions. Turning a handle at the other end of the auger helps to dislodge objects in the toilet.

Be careful not to scratch the porcelain in the bowl when inserting the auger coil into the drain. Once the auger is fed into the drain turn it clockwise until you feel resistance. Then turn it counterclockwise. Repeat this process to clear the clog, then remove the auger from the drain. If the drain is not fully cleared try using the plunger again and then repeat with the auger if necessary.

Remove the toilet

If you are still not able to clear the clogged toilet you may need to remove the toilet to remove the blockage from below. At this point you might want to consult with a professional plumber to make sure you do not have more serious problems.

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