Giddel toilet cleaning robot: Reviews are mixed

The Giddel toilet cleaning robot.
The Giddel toilet cleaning robot.

The Giddel toilet cleaning robot is meant to handle a chore many homeowners find unpleasant. Namely, cleaning toilets. The $500 robot from Altan Robotech will scrub your toilet inside and out, but reviews are mixed on whether the appliances is worth the expense.

A mounting bracket is installed on each toilet that you plan to clean with the robot. Three are included with the kit. After the brackets are installed and the Giddel charged and bowl filled with cleaning solution the cute little minion can get to work.

A review at Digital Trends finds the robot worth the money for those who find toilet cleaning unpleasant. It does its job well but the large charging station is a little cumbersome. If you have a good place to store the charger and really don’t want to pull out paper towels and a scrub brush to do the job yourself, this appliance may work for you.

A review at Tom’s Hardware is a little more circumspect, finding the robot a pricey tool for a job that can be done better by hand. While the Giddel does an acceptable job, you still have to deal with something that has been inside your toilet and that’s a minor advantage over doing the work yourself.

Giddel toilet cleaning robot pros and cons


  1. It does its job well
  2. Cleans toilets in about 5 minutes
  3. Scrubs bowl and rim


  1. Expensive at $500
  2. Charging station takes up a lot of room
  3. You still have to deal with a web brush that’s been in your toilet

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