The high-tech throne

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg took Bronell’s high-tech Swash 800 toilet for a test drive and was not convinced of the need for a toilet seat that provide bidet-like cleaning and air drying.

Our verdict? While some features of the Swash 800 made our sit-down experience more of a luxury, we were unconvinced by its bidet-like cleaning and drying process. In particular, the air dryer was ineffective, just like those annoying air dryers for hands in public bathrooms. That meant you either had to remain seated a long time or resort to toilet paper, the low-tech commodity the Swash is supposed to surpass.

Also, the Swash 800 must plug into an electrical outlet, something most bathrooms don’t have behind the toilet. So, you have to hire an electrician to install one, or use a long, ugly extension cord to plug the Swash into an outlet near the sink or vanity.

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