The ultimate cleaning practices of the Four Seasons

The cleaning staff of Boston’s Four Seasons Hotel share tips for a thorough cleaning.

Most of their equipment is basic: disinfectant, glass cleaner, rags, sponges, vacuum cleaner. But they add a few special touches: They wipe down the telephone with special disinfecting telephone wipes and sometimes use a grout brush to scrub the mouthpiece of the handset. In the bathroom, they’ll clean under the toilet bowl rim with Q-Tips and clean the shower head with a grout brush to get rid of soap scum.

Get out your Q-Tips and start scrubbing.

Out of the water closet

Bathroom design guru Barbara Sallick gives an interview to the L.A. Times on the current state of water closet style.

It’s taken a long time for people to start talking about the bath. It’s always been such a hush-hush subject. The bath used to be about hygiene. Now it’s about privacy and good health. Hotels have been phenomenal in promoting the bath as important. You never go in the living room except when you have company. The bath is every day. The things we use the most we should talk about and plan for.

Toilets with power

If you’re looking for a toilet that packs some power in every flush you need take a look at the Maximum Performance (PDF) test results. According to the study, “for sanitary reasons as well as for customer satisfaction, toilets should flush a minimum of approximately 250 grams of solids.”

And how was this tested? With fermented bean curd paste having a moisture content of 51.5%, a pH of 4.78 and extruded through a 7/8? diameter die, of course.

The toilet with the greatest flushing power was the Toto Drake (pictured above), knocking down 900 grams of bean curd.

More from The Detroit News: “Whoosh: Champion Toto toilet will flush from here to Kansas

Flushing with authority

American Standard is after the Holy Grail of home plumbing: The plunger-less toilet. And they believe they’ve found it with the Champion, which can flush 24 golf balls at a time. The New York Times profiles the business and its efforts to improve the flushing capacity of its products.

The Champion resulted from research showing that customers would buy a toilet that they never had to use a plunger on. That the company even did such research, Mr. Poses maintained, showed that it is finally out of its traditional “if we build it, they will buy it” mentality. “For us,” he said, “the Champion is a milestone.”