Recent articles on bathroom design

The San Francisco Chronicle had five articles Wednesday on bathroom design:

* Big style in small baths
* Bathing beauties
* Is a big bathtub always necessary?
* Picking a shower can be a dirty task
* And our favorite, Finding the right toilet

The last article, as you might have guessed, offers a series of tips on matching a toilet to the style of your bathroom. Matching a bathroom’s style is probably the number one consideration in shopping for a new toilet and there are a large number of manufacturers that should make that task easy. There are also a number of special features available for toilets, from built in bidets to designs to fit into unique spaces.

If your bathroom is small, Eljer makes the Patriot; it comes with a triangular tank that tucks nicely into a corner of a room, thereby allowing a few more inches of clearance.

Another feature to consider when going toilet shopping is the “skirted” or concealed trapway style. By the nature of their design, Mansfield’s Americana, Toto’s Nexus, American Standard’s Calla II and Kohler’s San Raphael, to name a few styles, limit grime and dust build up along the sides of the bowl.

Among some related items new to the market is the no-flush wall urinal made by the Waterless Co. of Vista (San Diego County). Brondell, a San Francisco company, recently introduced its innovative bidet-style seat. The Swash, according to Brondell, fits on 95 percent of existing toilets. It is available at certain retail stores and on Home Depot’s Web site.

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