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Toilet manufacturers 2017 for North America

We’ve updated our list of toilet manufacturers supplying the United States and North America for 2017. Most of these toilet manufacturers will be available at major home supply stores or through local plumbing suppliers.  You may also be able to buy directly from the manufacturer or from online sources.

Toilet Manufacturers

American Standard
A major manufacturer of toilet and plumbing fixtures. Offers a large range of designs from basic to more stylish.

This Lowe’s house brand offers affordable fixtures.

Offers a large variety of toilet designs for home and commercial use.

Caroma toilet manufacturers
Caroma Brisbane 270 Round Front Plus toilet.

This Australian manufacturer offers a complete line of modern design toilets and plumbing fixtures.

A common manufacturer of fixtures in the United States with an extensive line.

A German manufacturer offering contemporary styles of toilets and bidets.

A new luxury line of toilet fixtures by American Standard.

An American Standard brand of toilets.

Herbeau toilet manufacturers
Herbeau “Charleston” toilet.

A French manufacturer of classic and period toilet designs. A good option for vintage-style bathrooms.

A Japanese manufacturer of contemporary high-end and high-text toilets, bidets and fixtures.

This manufacturer well know for their hot tubs, also has a line of toilets and bidets.

A designer line of bathroom fixtures by Kohler. (Featured image shows the Plie Two-Piece High Efficiency Toilet)

Offers a large variety of designs. Kohler is s common toilet manufacturer in the United States.

Contemporary toilet styles for a designer bathroom.

A large variety of toilet styles. Moen is a common toilet manufacturer in North America.

Sophisticated and contemporary toilet and bidet designs.

St. Thomas Creations
A manufacturer of traditional toilet styles. Their Richmond ECO was Consumer Reports’ “Best Overall” toilet pick in 2017.

Toto toilet manufacturers
Toto Neorest 750H Flush Toilet.

A Japanese manufacturer of high-end and hi-tech toilet fixtures. Toto is well known for the lineup of specialty toilets and bidets.

Offers a full line of bidets from basic to luxury, including some with remote controls, heated seats and warm air drying.

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