Toilet tech

The March issue of Wired Magazine (not yet available online) takes a look at the latest toilet tech. American Standard is employing aerospace engineers to get their low-flush models working smoothly and Toto’s new Neorest 600, which features a wireless remote, is a hit among celebrities.

According to Toto, A-list royalty sits upon this throne: Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Charlie Sheen, Will Smith. ‘They’re toilet paper-free,’ Smith gushed to Access Hollywood. ‘You sit on the toilet and there’s a spray that’s so deadly accurate – wherever you sit on the toilet, somehow it always hits the bull’s-eye perfectly.’

But the Neorest, with its 16-bit processor, 512 Kbytes of RAM and $5,000 price tag likely won’t appeal to most American consumers.

Update: The article is now available online.

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